If you want to have an incredible life, surround yourself with incredible people.

This is a non-negotiable.  

If you want to live a happy, fulfilling and purposeful life, pay close attention to the people you spend your time with. Your environment, your support network, your personal philosophies; they are all CRITICAL to creating the life you desire.

When we’re younger, we gravitate toward people who share similar interests and aspirations. Your best buddy was decided on a shared love of peanut butter sandwiches and tennis. But then, you grew up.

You have changed your home, your values, your career, your whole life! But while you have evolved and matured, some of your friendships haven’t.

There is no denying that there is value and comfort in having friendships from your childhood, or even ones you’ve made along the way, but having a history with someone is not grounds to bring them into your future. Your evolving future.

“You’re The Average Of The Five People You Spend The Most Time With.” – Jim Rohan

When it comes to achieving our goals, we are greatly influenced — whether we like it or not — by those closest to us. They affect our way of thinking, our self-esteem, and our decisions. If you subject yourself to people who are negative, insecure or destructive, it will affect you. Regardless of your strength as an individual, you are not immune to a constant surrounding of negative energy or bad attitudes.

When I lost 20kg and returned home to celebrate my 30th birthday after living away for several years, many of my friends and family stopped talking to me. They judged my new physical appearance without so much of asking me how I was going, how and why I had lost so much weight. And despite feeling like the same person inside, my improved health, physical appearance and new self-confidence made THEM feel insecure. But their attitudes and actions didn’t affect them.It took it’s toll on me emotionally, mentally and physically.

Your friendships, just like everything else in your life, need updating. They need to be reassessed from time to time to determine if they are still adding value to your life. Your friends should not only bring out the best in you, but they should make you want to strive for more, to be the very best you can be.

If you surround yourself with people who bring out the worst in you or kill your vibe, I challenge you to have the courage to walk away.  Once you allow a negative force to permeate your life, you hurt yourself, which ultimately affects everyone that surrounds you. In no way am I saying to ditch the people you love. You can love these people all you want. But, selecting them to be in your immediate peer group is another story.

Choose your company wisely. Be relentless with surrounding yourself with those who bring out the best in you. Your direction in life depends on it. And while you’re at it, have the courage to be a good friend to those who choose you.

These days, I have NO room for negativity about my healthy eating, my love of weight training and my desire to master mindfulness in my life.  

If you don’t get it – seeeya ?

I’d love for you to share with me, a time when you realised you needed to change your peer groups.

MJ xo

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