One of my greatest inspirations, Alexi Panos, announced in March, an opportunity to WIN A 30 Minute Skype Session with her and her equally soul captivating partner, Preston Smiles.

I was in. I was going to win in it. I HAD to win it. I needed to talk to her!

The entry guidelines were straight forward:-

  1. Follow @baremovement on instagram;
  2. Upload a black and white selfie of you with #baremovement and share a story of an adversity you’ve faced that has made you a stronger person.  

Here is my entry.

#‎baremovement I’ve faced various forms of adversity in my life–but my greatest; battling with severe and debilitating binge eating & the soul destroying feeling of not being good enough.

Add to that the hopelessness, self-hate, sadness and frustration that completely crushed my sparkle throughout the very long, very dark, very lonely 4 year road to recovery.

While binge eating and the desire to be ‘perfect’ in any other form than just as I am, has now taken a backseat, and I have worked hard to rebuild a healthy relationship with food; I am greatful that my adversity has opened a path for me to help others around the world overcome THEIR eating and self-worth challenges–that is my purpose. Because God only knows this world needs a little more compassion and understanding.

Going through difficulties humble us. It makes us assess what is important and chart a new course for our life. Adversity is opportunity in disguise.”

While I didn’t win the competition to talk one on one with my inspiration, opening up and being so vulnerable, was in itself, a victory.

In order to be vulnerable, you have to be okay with all of you. But for so long, I was in an abusive relationship of self-loathing and sadness — I was not okay with me. The peace, the serenity I felt of sharing my story, made me realise that I had once again achieved a true sense of self-acceptance.

And when I chose to be open, to show my authentic self, something magical happened. I experienced a deeper connection with my readers and those around me – and I felt a renewed respect for myself.

Vulnerability takes practice, but so too does self-love. That’s why they go hand in hand.

With a new sense of openness that has enriched my relationships and the way I care and nurture myself, I have vowed to continue opening up to everyone around me.

Letting go of the past and learning to own your strength in order to be vulnerable in life is the greatest thing you can do for yourself. Not being who you are on the inside is very lonely.

Let the walls come down and share the gift of you with everyone.

I’d love you to share with me, how being more vulnerable has enriched your life?

MJ xo 

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