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For June & July 2018 

Changing your life takes courage, grit and determination. Oftentimes, we just need a little reinforcement, drawing inspiration from other leaders to overcome our fears, and take on the challenges, threats, obstacles, and setbacks that come our way.

I believe in teaching, supporting, and inspiring others from a place of awareness, experience and empathy. In helping you work out what you truly want, and supporting you to step into your fears, doubts and worries so that they don’t define who you are or what you can become.  

I lead with my own unique story of struggle and life changing achievements, and guide you through principles, insights and strategies I used to overcome them and create the personal courage to create a more dynamic and full life.

I teach you how to harness the self-doubt and second guessing instead of playing victim to your emotions. I teach you how to totally trust yourself and have the courage and conviction to go after what truly matters to you most. I will give you equal amounts of hand-holding to butt kicking.

I listen with a full heart, ask questions, and challenge you to step into the greatest version of yourself.

If this resonates with you, and you are ready to transform your life from the inside out, then I AM absolutely the coach for you.

Working with me will accelerate you in whichever direction you choose. In just a few months you’ll have developed in ways that might otherwise have taken you years, if at all. You’ll be equipped and ready to take on anything that comes your way, evolved from a deeper level of consciousness.

If you’re committed to living in the fullness of who and what you are and want support from me in doing so, I invite you to say hell yes to your life!


I offer thought provoking and engaging sessions, full of energy and wisdom that leave my clients feeling better understood, inspired and committed to believing in themselves and trusting in the vision of who, what and where they want to be in the future.

Coaching experiences are limited to ensure I can remain available and provide the ultimate level of support for each client. If I am unavailable at the time of your inquiry, you will go on a waiting list and I will contact you when a space becomes available.

Ready to change your life? Let’s get started today!


An invaluable 16 week coaching program. 1 hour nutrition session of everything I’ve got! Custom designed around your needs, we can cover a variety of topics including developing a foundation for healthy eating, breaking a weight loss plateau or use it to get a professional evaluation of your current emotional or binge eating habits. 

These sessions are designed to give you clarity on healthy eating and will leave you motivated and empowered. This is the perfect place to start if you’ve never worked with me before. You’ll be surprised how much we can get sorted out in an hour! At the end of the session, if it’s apparent you would benefit from more time together, we’ll discuss your package options and come up with just the right fit. 

Full assessment includes diet history, medical conditions, supplement / medical review, health coaching to set goals, exercise assessment and question and answer period.


  • 16 Weeks total (fortnightly online coaching) 
  • 8 x 1 hour sessions (60 - 90 minutes)
  • Tasking
  • Accountability 

16 WEEKS |  


This package is designed to provide constant support in which you will have me on hand for twelve weeks. We’ll be meeting one-on-one via phone or skype in twelve powerful 50 minute-long sessions OR you may schedule 6 sessions and use the remaining 6 sessions as needed for shorter check-in calls. 

Your 12-week program will start immediately with the Vision Questionnaire + Analysis Pack which will give me a thorough understanding of your situation, values, and goals. 

My commitment is to give you a dynamic, empowering perspective around your situation and several action steps every time we talk.

Each session comes with a customized book list and resource links along with between-session email + phone support. I will literally hold your hand from beginning to end.  


  • 12 x 50 minute sessions (in person or Skype)
  • Establish personalised nutrition goals
  • Develop action plans to reach those goals
  • Modifying behaviours and identify barriers
  • Become self-reliant and gain confidence
  • Take greater responsibility and accountability for actions and commitments
  • Maintain motivation
  • Ongoing daily email support
  • Personalised meal plan and recipes

12 WEEKS | 


1.     Once you 'book me now', you will receive a Beautiful Welcome Pack and Service Agreement, and we’ll schedule your first session! 

2.     Your Welcome Pack has a short but important questionnaire that you will fill out and return to me. It will give me a thorough understanding of your current situation, vision, and goals.

3.     The Service Agreement covers all the policies and procedures for coaching and will be e-signed by both you and me. You will want to keep this as a receipt because coaching fees are commonly tax deductible as either a consulting or education expense.

4.     We’ll begin! Come to each call present and open-hearted. 

6.     This is a 16 week coaching program, which includes 8 x 1 hour Zoom sessions. Sessions are usually spaced 2 weeks apart, giving you time to complete any tasking (aka homework 😉 ) and to let the work integrate. You can reach me by phone or email between sessions for support, to share insights, victories, ask questions, or if a breakdown happens. I’m here to support you the entire duration of our time together.

*Megan Jayne Coaching services are not to be considered a substitute for professional, medical or psychological diagnosis and/or treatment. Participation in life coaching with Megan Jayne is considered voluntary and should not replace, supersede or conflict with treatment and/or advice of a health professional.


Complimentary discovery sessions are available for all new clients. The purpose of a discovery session is to allow us to connect and get to know each other.

In this 15 minute chat, we’ll set the foundation for understanding where you are in your life right now and the specific challenges that are holding you back.

If I feel for any reason that we are not a good fit, I will say so and we will not proceed with coaching. If I can, I will connect you with someone who I believe will be able to support you.