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Now Taking ♥ Centred Clients

For September – November 2018 

This program is set up to empower individuals to create a life designed with love.

Imagine a life which is balanced in all 7 areas of life – health, relationships, environment, play, finances, career, business and truly knowing your authentic self.

It’s about creating an intentional life, one which is full of unlimited possibilities of potential.

This is a step by step program which not only does the clean up work needed to stop self-sabotage and limiting beliefs in their tracks but also gives you the knowledge, education and strategy needed to bridge the gap of where you are now to the place you are meant to be.


Are you finding it hard to really believe you can get to where you want to be?

Do you feel you ‘should’ be or have something more in life right now, but don’t know how to achieve it?

Are you feeling ‘lost’ or don’t know what decisions to make for the future?

Do you lack direction & motivation?

Are you feeling stuck in an unfulfilling job or relationship?

Are you finding it hard to get balance in your work, family & social life?

Do you continue bad thinking patterns or habits?

Do you lack confidence or self esteem, never feeling ‘not good enough’?

This coaching program helps educate you to correct all of the above and so much more.

As your coach I’m not here to tell you what to do, but I WILL always show you where to look.

We will work together to gain quick, effective and positive results to change where you currently feel you are, into a powerful empowered position now and long into your future!


Do you want to have more clarity in your life?

Do you want to stop self-sabotaging behaviours and bad habits for good?

Do you want to be rid of all limiting beliefs and achieve your full potential?


“The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.”
– Mark Twain

Using studies in Health Sciences, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Psychologically, combined Emotional Release, Eastern philosophy with 11 years of coaching we will challenge your thinking and give you new strategies to create a new you; unlimited in possibilities of potential.

Over my years of study and coaching experience i have been able to discover the best of these models of therapy and coaching and after 10 years in the making i been able to package this program up in a systematic way to help the client breakthrough through developing long lasting

1) Awareness
2) Alignment
3) Action Strategies to track and measure your success 🙌🏻

The model I created is heavily focused on tasking and putting the “how to” into “what you want” 🙌🏻


The coaching is personalised to your requirements and offers flexibility around your lifestyle and commitments.

Coaching sessions are held on a day and time mutually agreed upon and the sessions go for on average 60mins in duration (sometimes longer depending on the session).

In this program you receive 8 x 1 on 1 coaching sessions with me over a 16 week period, as well as 24/7 access to me via Facebook messenger for guidance and assistance.

Coaching Session Breakdown:

Session 1: (2hrs)
Tasking before initial appointment: NLP Questions and Wheel of Life.
Post Session Tasking:
Success Planner
Bucklist, Vision Board, Travel Plan
Write your story (release the past)

Session 2: 

Previous Week’s Success & Challenges
Go through
Cause and effect
Finding out your top 5 values
Bucklist, Vision Board, Travel Plan, Story

Session 3: 

Previous Week’s Success & Challenges

Go through
Smart Goals in all areas of life
ideal life
ideal week
Other tasking related to goals
Clean up limiting beliefs
Go through setting up a Buget/ Wealth management plan
Going through releasing 4 major negative emotions…

Session 4: 

Previous Week’s Success & Challenges

Go through
Success planner
Go through budget
Set up a travel plan
TLT session
Go through parts integration

Session 5:

Previous Week’s Success & Challenges

Go through
Success planner
Travel plan
Part integration exercise
Go through Writing your next chapter

Session 6: 

Previous Week’s Success & Challenges

Go through
Write your next chapter
Success planner
Two future exercises
Understanding the 6 human needs
Go through Wheel of life (re-assessment)

Session 7: 

Previous Week’s Success & Challenges

Go through
wheel of life
Success planner
7 Natural Universal Laws
7 Spiritual Laws
Art of Being self-full
Art of Detachment
Hypnotic symbol journey (tapping into inner knowledge)

Session 8: (2 hr session)

Previous Week’s Success & Challenges

Go through
Tasking/ success planner
Evolution of Values System (where do you sit)
8 week mark (assessment)
Planning your year in advance
Setting up an accountability and reward system
How to go to the next level

On top of your coaching you will be receive pre and post tasking each session for self-reflection, personal development and accountability.

Included you will receive your online success coaching planner to track and measure your progression and success in all areas of life.

You will also be added to my online VIP Community Group where you have access to like mind people, videos and many other useful resources.

Because we believe health and wellness is also important to cultivate the energy needed for ongoing success we will also add you to our 30 Day Wellness Program to take your health and wellness to a new level a achieve stainable results. (More information will be given upon the commencement of the program).

So the question now is…


If interested simply press attending on the event, comment below or send me a private message and let’s have a chat.

I ONLY work with people who are ready. Not people that talk about it. IF you truly are ready to work together to create a life and/or business by design then message asap to avoid disappointment.

Change your mind. Change your life.

Yours truly,

Megan Jayne
NLP Coach
Personal Trainer
Business Coach



Changing your life takes courage, grit and determination. Oftentimes, we just need a little reinforcement, drawing inspiration from other leaders to overcome our fears, and take on the challenges, threats, obstacles, and setbacks that come our way.

I believe in teaching, supporting, and inspiring others from a place of awareness, experience and empathy. In helping you work out what you truly want, and supporting you to step into your fears, doubts and worries so that they don’t define who you are or what you can become.

I lead with my own unique story of struggle and life changing achievements, and guide you through principles, insights and strategies I used to overcome them and create the personal courage to create a more dynamic and full life.

I teach you how to harness the self-doubt and second guessing instead of playing victim to your emotions. I teach you how to totally trust yourself and have the courage and conviction to go after what truly matters to you most. I will give you equal amounts of hand-holding to butt kicking.

I listen with a full heart, ask questions, and challenge you to step into the greatest version of yourself.

If this resonates with you, and you are ready to transform your life from the inside out, then I AM absolutely the coach for you.

Working with me will accelerate you in whichever direction you choose. In just a few months you’ll have developed in ways that might otherwise have taken you years, if at all. You’ll be equipped and ready to take on anything that comes your way, evolved from a deeper level of consciousness.

If you’re committed to living in the fullness of who and what you are and want support from me in doing so, I invite you to say hell yes to your life!



I offer thought provoking and engaging sessions, full of energy and wisdom that leave my clients feeling better understood, inspired and committed to believing in themselves and trusting in the vision of who, what and where they want to be in the future.

Coaching experiences are limited to ensure I can remain available and provide the ultimate level of support for each client. If I am unavailable at the time of your inquiry, you will go on a waiting list and I will contact you when a space becomes available.

Ready to change your life? Let’s get started today!




I ONLY work with people who are ready. Not people that talk about it. IF you truly are ready to work together to create a life and/or business by design then message asap to avoid disappointment.

Change your mind. Change your life.

What’s Included:

  • 16 Weeks total (fortnightly online coaching)
  • 8 x 1 hour coaching sessions (60 – 90 minutes)
  • Weekly tasking for growth & expansion
  • Weekly accountability

16 WEEKS | $75 per week



1.     Once you ‘book me now’, you will receive a Welcome Pack and Service Agreement, and we’ll schedule your first session!

2.     Your Welcome Pack has a short but important questionnaire that you will fill out and return to me. It will give me a thorough understanding of your current situation, vision, and goals.

3.     The Service Agreement covers all the policies and procedures for coaching and will be e-signed by both you and me. You will want to keep this as a receipt because coaching fees are commonly tax deductible as either a consulting or education expense.

4.     We’ll begin! Come to each call present and open-hearted.

6.     This is a 16 week coaching program, which includes 8 x 1 hour Zoom sessions (the first session is 2 hours). Sessions are usually spaced 2 weeks apart, giving you time to complete any tasking (aka homework 😉 ) and to let the work integrate. You can reach me by phone or email between sessions for support, to share insights, victories, ask questions, or if a breakdown happens. I’m here to support you the entire duration of our time together.

*Megan Jayne Coaching services are not to be considered a substitute for professional, medical or psychological diagnosis and/or treatment. Participation in life coaching with Megan Jayne is considered voluntary and should not replace, supersede or conflict with treatment and/or advice of a health professional.



Complimentary discovery sessions are available for all new clients. The purpose of a discovery session is to allow us to connect and get to know each other.

In this 15 minute chat, we’ll set the foundation for understanding where you are in your life right now and the specific challenges that are holding you back.

If I feel for any reason that we are not a good fit, I will say so and we will not proceed with coaching. If I can, I will connect you with someone who I believe will be able to support you.



Why is your Coaching so damn affordable?

It’s simple really. I want working with me to be a no-brainer for you! Everything I teach, I have done for myself, and I can’t express just how much it has changed my life. I absolutely LOVE teaching this stuff to heart-centred Women who are ready to change, so I want to make it as affordable as possible so you can’t possibly say no 🙂

What if I want to work with you longer than 16 weeks?

It is my true passion to help others get really clear on their vision for creating a remarkable life. While my coaching program is designed to get you specific, powerful results within 16 weeks, there is always an option to extend if you’d like my ongoing support, love and guidance.

Are the Coaching sessions done in person or online?

All 8 coaching sessions are conducted using Zoom. It means you can be in the comfort of your own home while we smash through your limiting beliefs, cultivate more confidence and work towards goals that light your heart on fire. How awesome is that?

What is the 24/7 email support?

I want you to feel 100% supported throughout our journey together. In between our fortnightly Zoom calls, I ask that you check in with me once a week (but this is completely optional). Emails are an important way to keep progressing and they are easy and convenient for you to fit in around any busy lifestyle. Details of what to write about will be included in your Welcome Pack.

Do you only work with Women?

Absolutely not! I have worked with Men of various ages, all across the World. If you need my help, there is a solution for you. Simply send me an email and tell me a little about your circumstances and how I can help.