I moved to Bali on the 1st of June 2016, with the intention of living here for 1 year.

I could no longer face the mediocre, mundane life that I had created for myself. I was desperately unhappy. While I had worked hard for almost five years to build my business and I loved my customers, I could no longer fight the sense of emptiness, loneliness and despair I was feeling. The passion had gone.  

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Besides, I couldn’t face another dismal, wet, cold winter in Adelaide – I want to feel the sun on my body every day, and live in harmony with nature, spirit and myself. So moving to Bali for my very own Cast Away experience (but with power, hot water and access to a dentist) seemed like the best thing to do!

So, I closed my health & sports supplement store late 2015, taking on significant debt in the process. I sold my house and many of my possessions, and struggled in silence as I worked my way through a mini melt-down.

Before I moved to Bali, I wrote down 7 intentions of how I would spend my time while living in tropical paradise.

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Develop Spiritual Awareness

Moving to Bali is an invitation to enlightenment. To letting go of what was and embracing what is trying to work it’s way into consciousness. I want my life to become infinitely richer by adapting daily spiritual practices, inward-focus and whatever feels right for me.



Make The Most of My Days

With an average length of day of 12.5 hours and a comfortable 28 degrees, Bali has the perfect conditions for making more out of every day and following in the footsteps of many of the world’s most successful business people, who start their day when most people are still tucked in bed.




Learn a New Language

Living in tropical paradise is about more than taking pretty pictures and posting them on Facebook or Instagram.



Growing My Culturosity

I love that there is no book of instructions to deal with cultural diversity, no recipe to follow.



Be Present. Now.

Bali has an energy which nurture spiritual alchemy through meditation to heal my life, obtain greater abundance and achieve greater levels of wellbeing and peace. To transform negative emotions and change my life from one of ignorance into the gold of enlightenment.



Sacredness of Yoga

It’s the texture of spirituality, as much as the physical beauty of the island, that makes Bali an ideal sanctuary for learning and practicing yoga. I want to gain mastery over my body, mind and spirit. I want to understand the link between breath and emotions.



Re-Connect. Switch Off. And Live More.

It’s time to establish a healthier balance between online and offline life. Switching off and learning to live in the moment will be a challenge I’m looking forward to plugging into other activities and spaces – adventure, language, music, laughter and good old fashioned face to face socialising.  


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