28 Reasons I’m Moving To A Tropical Island in 28 Days!??

Have you ever dreamed of moving to a tropical island to live? Yup, me too, and I’m about to do it!

Here are 28 reasons why I think it’s time to “live my island dream”!

  1. Selling everything I own to move to a Tropical Island when all my friends are (long) married and having (more) children, and I’m here still single, is exactly the kinda thing I would do.
  2. Bali, Land of the Gods, has around 20,000 temples and shrines that date back to ancient times – a place of worship for the Balinese. They attend these temples to pay their respect to the Gods and Spirits of their ancestors. I’m craving a spiritual awakening so bad right now, so Bali sounds like the perfect place to start.
  3. Have you seen how expensive coconut water is in Australia? I figure it’s just cheaper to move some place where I can drink them every day for next to nix.
  4. I love Adelaide, but it’s time to move on to the next adventure. It’s time for more personal growth, challenges and experiences.
  5. I’m more open to new relationships when abroad. Age, culture, creed, none of it seems to matter as much when you’re living outside your primary social structure. I seem to make the most wonderful connections with people of all ages and backgrounds when I travel. As the World’s #1 tourist destination, my culture cup will runneth over.
  6. The average temperature range in Bali is 26°C-28°C. I’m not a huge fan of Winter, at all. It crushes my spirit, dampens my soul, so I’ve decided to skip it for a couple of years.
  7. When people say, “I just wanna quit my job and move to a warm tropical island”, I can smile with complete understanding ?
  8. I get to wear Havaianas Every. Single. F*ckn. Day.
  9. I picked Bali out of a hat of Tropical Island destinations I most wanted to live in.
  10. I want to learn some fun swear words in a new exotic language.
  11. Adopting a pet coconut crab named Richard is high on my list of things to do.
  12. Fake tan is so expensive and hard work. Living in sunny paradise seems much more economical and easier!
  13. I like the idea of learning the name of every single person in one country. Katut. Wayan, Made, Nayoman … Done!
  14. Saving is easier than spending. I’m an avid saver as it is, but with lower cost of living than here in Australia, and my new philosophy of living a simpler life, and not needing to buy all the materialistic goods; and saving to contribute to more important causes that help others will be easier on a tropical island!
  15. The stunning natural beauty of Bali reduces stress and made me feel completely at peace and ease with self. It’s what floats my boat right now.
  16. Mountain trekking, snorkelling, surfing, amazing sunsets, white water rafting … the adventure junkie inside of me is already beside herself.
  17. Unlimited massages. ‘nuf said.
  18. The stories I will be able to share with the Grand-kids (ok, well at this rate, they might be someone else’s grand-kids and not mine, but hey), to say I’ve lived on one of the most amazing islands on the planet, seems worth it.
  19. I’m about to launch a new website (www.meganjayne.com.au) and blog and need inspiring material. This seemed like a great way to get some.
  20. My friends can’t put up with me talking their ears off about travelling anymore, so I’m leaving to find new people to annoy.
  21. My passport is looking a little neglected. It needs to be brightened up with a few more stamps.
  22. I finally get to use the lessons I’ve learned in overcoming many adversities to help others. It’s time to share my message. It’s time to make a difference.
  23. YOLO
  24. I’m “un-becoming”. I’m breaking my own rules of what I “should” be, how I “should” live, what success “should” look like. I’m un-becoming all the crap that I’ve told myself up until this point in my life and moving toward a more authentic, more aware self.
  25. Because my parents don’t think I should.
  26. On my way back to the airport during my New Year’s visit to Bali, my taxi driver (who confessed to being a medium/psychic) said to me, “Miss, you will meet your husband in Bali in one year time”.

Excuse me … best reason to sell my home and all my possessions, yet!

  1. Endless trips to Monkey Forest.
  2. Why move to a tropical island in less than a month? Because I can. Because I want to. Simple.

I’d love for you to share with me below, which dream of yours are you going to pursue in the next 28 days?

MJ xo

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