There is Never Anyone To Change, But You

So the only job you ever really have, is to realise that the only change we need to make, is within ourselves. To recognise that we cannot change anything or anyone outside of ourselves, and to learn to detach from the desire to fix others.

How Suicidal Thoughts Helped Me Create My Best Life Yet! (+10 Powerful Questions To Ask Yourself If You Want To Turn Your Own Life Around)

When you are in a lot of pain, like suicidal tendencies, the pain dominates all of your awareness and becomes all encompassing. You struggle to remember a time when the distress wasn’t part of your every waking hour. It’s as if both past and present are nonexistent and all that’s left is your current state of misery.

28 Reasons I’m Moving To A Tropical Island in 28 Days!??

Have you ever dreamed of moving to a tropical island to live? Yup, me too, and I’m about to do it!

Here are 28 reasons why I think it’s time to “live my island dream”!